What’s In My Carry-On Tote

Tote bag. Well, this is probably the most important part of a carry-on, right? I can’t get enough of this Juicy Couture bag that I picked up from TJMaxx a few months back. It’s big and durable so I can cram stuff in there without it getting too bulky. I tend to stick to black carry-on bags so in the event Ryan has to hold it, it doesn’t diminish his masculinity. (ha!)

Magazines. Just like a majority of travelers, I like to catch up on my reading during flights. I’m typically too distracted to read a book, so I stick to magazines that have been piling up at home. I usually pick up a couple at the airport, too – I’m talking about you, Us Weekly with Lauren Conrad’s wedding album!

Notebook and pen. In most cases, my planner is with me wherever I go; however, I made a promise to Ryan that for this vacation, I’ll really be on vacation – no thinking ahead a week or two or planning out everything that needs to get done when we get back. Therefore, I’m traveling sans planner. That doesn’t mean I can’t have a small notebook and pen with me just in case inspiration strikes, or I need to make a few lists.

Electronics. I’m obviously not going anywhere without my iPhone and headphones. I use it for everything from playing games to listening to music and so on – seriously, how did we ever survive before these silly things? Ryan and I also opted to bring one of our iPads so we can watch live-streaming and on-demand TV for free on the flight since we are flying Southwest.

Beauty Essentials. I always have a small cosmetic case with me that carries my in-flight beauty essentials, medications, a spare pair of contacts and gum.

Be sure to check back tomorrow and Friday for guest posts from Biana at B Loved Boston and Becky at Made in the Shade Blog. They have some great style-related content lined up for all of you.

And, on that note – I’m signing off! I hope you all have a great rest of your week, and I’ll talk to you next week!

  • Pamela

    I totally rock the black bag while flying too! I just always feel like planes are so dirty and black will hide the dirt LOL!. Hope you have an AMAZING trip!

    <3, Pamela

  • Biana Perez

    Girl you travel so light with your carry on tote!! I love your black bag!! Hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to see pictures!!

  • Ashley Angle

    I like that you use a black bag in case your hubs has to hold it. You're such a a sweet wife!
    ~Ashley@ A Cute Angle

  • Flying is definitely the time to catch up on all those magazines that have been piling up! Have the best time, can't wait to hear all about it!

  • Kristy Simon

    Please take a pic of Ryan holding the Juicy bag LOL!

  • Tif Fannin

    My husband makes fun of my obsession with writing down lists and having a paper planner. He's all about technology…why write when you can type kinda guy. Love that you do this as well:)

  • Have a great vacation lady!!

  • Have a fun trip!

  • Mia- MakeMeUpMia

    Have the best time! And I think it's great you left the planner at home 🙂

  • Have so much fun!!! Can't wait to follow along on Instagram! Take lots of pictures! 🙂

  • Emily Sadlow

    Oh I love these what's in my bag posts! Just noticed you haven't done a Vegas recap yet but I'll be sure to check back to see! 🙂

  • I'm in need of a new tote for traveling- I always have to use my backpack (and it's not a cute one, haha)! I hope you guys have a great trip!