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High Five for Friday

It’s that time again, folks! Another week has come and gone, which means we are one week closer to summer! 

We experienced 80-degree weather here in Wisconsin this week, and let me tell you – it was glorious. We are headed to Schaumburg this weekend to see family and celebrate Mother’s Day, and it looks like the temperatures are going to remain in the mid-70s. Cue the hallelujah chorus.

Anyways, wherever you are and whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a blast! And, a special shout out to all the mom’s out there – us kids couldn’t do anything we do without your love and support. 

Here is a recap of my week.  

1. I miss these fools already. It was such a great girl’s weekend and wonderful to be reunited with a couple of my closest gals. Weekends like that make me miss our college days when we all lived within five minutes of each other.

2. Part of our St. Louis excursion last weekend included a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. It’s one of the last free zoos in the U.S., and Breann was telling me she’s pretty sure it is ranked one of the best only behind the San Diego Zoo. I believe it! My favorite exhibit was the butterfly garden – hundreds of butterfly species fly around this beautiful gated garden while visitors walk right through it. I was able to capture this little guy before he flew away.

3. The wedding album I designed on Blurb.com arrived this week! Ryan and I had such a blast looking through it. I can’t believe this time last year I was knee-deep in wedding planning … oh, how I miss it so! 

4. If you watch Nashville, you need to go pick up the season two, volume two, soundtrack NOW. It is unbelievable. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all week. My favorite track? I Ain’t Leavin’ Without Your Love. 

5. I curled my second-day hair yesterday. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet; I think I need to let my hair grow back out some before I attempt this again. Or, I just need to use a smaller barrel.

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