6.12.14 21


Back on June 1, I began participating in the #100happydays campaign that I learned about from Aimee. When I signed up, I thought oh, no problem! Post a picture a day to my Instagram account of something that makes me happy? Piece of cake.

Well, then this week entered my life.

Without going into specifics, this just hasn’t been my week – I think it happens to the best of us. I have been on a bumpy roller coaster of emotions since last Saturday for a number of reasons, but I feel like I’m finally coming out of the fog. Every day is a new day, right?

Through all this week’s ups and downs, I was still able to find happiness in the small things in my daily life. That’s when it hit me what the challenge really is about – finding happiness even when the chips are down, regardless if it’s a bowl of mac & cheese or a hug from a close friend. We have to remember to take time to appreciate our surroundings and find the silver lining.

With that, I thought I would share a few moments lately that have brought me happiness.

1. Sitting in the sunshine at our new patio table sipping on Snapple Peach Ice Tea.

2. A Saturday night on the couch, in PJs, and watching HGTV.

3. Watching Peter and Penny run around our yard (you really didn’t think I wouldn’t include bunny pictures in this post, did you?!)

What’s made you happy lately?