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High Five for Friday

Well, it’s that time again folks!
This week for me was one filled with happiness and excitement, both personally and professionally; however, there always was a little dark cloud hanging over my head. 
As I don’t think I’m the only one, the loss of Robin Williams earlier this week really sent me for a loop. I’ve felt a lot of sadness as the result of his death, and I have shed lots of tears over it. Some of you may think that’s ridiculous since I obviously didn’t know him personally, but the memories he gave me while growing up are ones that I hold close – Dead Poet’s Society pretty much changed my life when I saw it for the first time in high school. As I and everybody else in the world mourns this significant loss, I only can pray that his family and children can heal and find peace. Jimmy Fallon put it best the other night – “O Captain, my Captain! You will be missed.” 
Okay, now that I’m teary-eyed for the millionth time this week, let’s move onto happier things. Wherever you are and whatever your plans are for the weekend, have a great time! Here’s a recap of my week. 

1. A visit from my parents was exactly what I needed last weekend. I hadn’t spent more than five minutes with mom since May, which is an extremely long time for us. Our afternoon together was filled with great conversation, lots of laughs, and a lot of spoiling Finley. He’s one lucky pup, I tell ya.

2. When it’s Ryan’s weekend to work, we really cherish our evenings together. We always seem to have the deepest and best conversations over dinner, and I forever am grateful when that guy reaches across the table to take my hand and tell me that everything will be okay. 

3. Target, as always, has the best items on clearance right now. I scored this pair of sandals – which are extremely comfortable – for a mere $9.88. I may just go back and get them in pink, too.

4. I’m a strong believer that dogs can sense when their owners are not themselves, whether they are sick, sad, etc. Tuesday was my most emotional day in light of what I discussed above, and Finn was eager to stay by my side and snuggle all day long. I wasn’t about to turn down his short nap on my lap in the middle of the kitchen floor. 

5. Ryan and I had an impromptu date night Wednesday to celebrate what was a great day, and we found the cutest brewery on the river in West Bend, Wis. We most definitely will be back, maybe even to permanently live … more on that at a later date!
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