Top 5 Concealers

As of late, my skin has decided to rebel against me and act like a teenager – I am breaking out like crazy and just when I think I have it under control, a new cluster of blemishes appears. Combine that with lack of sleep the last few weeks, which brings about beautiful under eye circles, I have been heavily reliant on concealers.

When my skin goes through these phases, I don’t typically like to wear foundation – why add more products that could potentially be irritating my skin in the first place? These concealers have been my go-to holy grail products for years, and I am able to combine them in a way where I am still comfortable enough to leave the house and not be self-conscious about my skin.

For the cream and liquid concealers, I simply use my ring finger to pat in and blend the product out – I have yet to find a concealer brush that works better than my fingers. For any powder concealer, I use a fluffy eye brush, such as the Sigma E40, to buff into the product, and then I dab it right on top of the spot that I want to set or add extra coverage to. Be cautious not to use too much powder concealer so your spots don’t look cakey.

What are your go-to concealers?
  • Jo Elizabeth

    I'm a huge fan of the summer bisque from BM. Definitely the best for setting liquid concealers and adding a bit more coverage!

  • Pamela

    I've heard that Make Up Forever stuff is amazing but I've never tried it. I LOVE my Bare Minerals though. I feel like it's got great coverage and doesn't feel too heavy! I feel your pain about your skin issues. Mine likes to do the same thing!

    <3, Pamela

  • Biana Perez

    I'll have to try the Make Up Forever one – I've used their foundation and loved it!! I swear by either Erase Paste by Benefit or NARS creamy one – I use that now and love it!!

  • I love the Bobbi Brown concealer for under my eyes, but have yet to find a good one for covering blemishes! I'll have to check out that MUFE one because it sounds like a really nice finish!

  • My skin has been rebelling against me lately too! It's no fun. I love the MAC Prolongwear for under eyes in the summer. It's a bit too drying for the winter though. I might have to try the Bobbi Brown stuff though! Thanks for the recs!

  • I feel like I'm always searching for a better concealer to hide my horrible under eye circles, I'm going to have to give some of those a try!

  • I'll always be a fan of the Clinique all about eyes concealer because it can be used all over your face and lasts forever 🙂

  • Mia- MakeMeUpMia

    Well you know I'm a MAC Pro Longwear concealer lover 🙂 I have a new bottle being delivered today actually! I set it with the Bare Minerals Well Rested, crease proof under eyes for sure!

  • I actually haven't tried any of these but the MAC concealer has been on my wish list forever! I use Bare Minerals Stroke of Light for everyday and when I *really* need to cover something, I turn to Benefit's Fake Up. Big fans of both!

  • The Adored Life

    I haven't tried any of these but I am always wanting to know more about what brands people use!

  • Love this post – I love Sonia Kashuk products! I haven't tried that one though! Happy Monday!

  • I absolutely love the ELF HD concealer it is so affordable and the best formula for me so far!

  • Bobbi Brown!!! This is absolutely my favorite. I actually use it under my eyes and then put concealer on top of it. Its perfect!

  • I agree! It's a great product – I also use Well Rested when I don't have much of a tan.

  • BM products are great for that feeling! The MUFE concealer just provides an excellent amount of coverage, which is necessary for my skin!

  • I've heard so many good things about the Nars concealer – it's still on my wish list!

  • Absolutely, I think you'd like it! And, that little tube has lasted me a long, LONG time.

  • The Bobbi Brown stuff is amazing – you're supposed to put it on and then layer it with another concealer, but you usually can get away with it on it's own if you blend well.

  • Let me know if you do! Those under eye products have done wonders for me.

  • I love Clinique products – I'll have to give that one a try when I run out of one of my products.

  • Right?! That's the ultimate combination!

  • I've heard good things about the Benefit concealer – I wasn't a fan of the Erase Paste because it was so heavy, but maybe the Fake Up is a different formula.

  • I've used these products for years with no fail!

  • Really?! That's great to know – I'll have to try it out!

  • Yes, I do the same thing! It provides great coverage and doesn't crease on me at all.

  • I don't like Erase Paste either… Fake Up is totally different!

  • Debra Stachelski

    I went back to my Bobbi Brown this morning, forgot how good this stuff is!

  • It's such good stuff! I remember when we got ours together before my wedding makeup trial.