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What’s In My Makeup Bag – Up North Edition

Going to Ryan’s family lake house in Northern Wisconsin is like going to a whole new world. Regardless if you are just lounging around the cabin or out in public, nobody cares what you’re wearing, if your hair is done (or clean, for that matter), or if you are wearing makeup. 

Since I am one of those girls that can’t leave the house without at least concealer and powder on, this new mindset took some getting used to. Now, however, I embrace it and treat it like a vacation for my face – Ryan dubbed it “the lake treatment” several years back. 
That doesn’t mean that I don’t bring any staples with me, though. The best part of a majority of the items that I do bring is that they are multitaskers and can be used for different purposes – my BB cream also is my facial sunscreen, the highlighter/bronzer palette also acts as a blush, the concealer can be used both on my under eye area and on blemishes, and my lip balm provides protection and some color. Most of all, these products allow me to still feel put together even if the agenda only includes sunbathing on the deck.
What’s in your makeup bag when you are traveling to the lake or beach?