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High Five for Friday

What a quick week this one was! I’m not sure if it’s because we are still slightly catching up from vacation or the two-hour time change, but this week flew by. I’m sure the weekend will be no different with Ryan working, celebrating our wedding anniversary, and managing to get lots of other exciting things accomplished!
Several of you have asked about our Las Vegas anniversary getaway and to see photos, so check back Monday for a recap.
On that note, wherever you are and whatever you plan to do this weekend, I hope you have a great one! Here are some highlights from my week.

1. My parents brought Finn up to us Monday after we got back, and oh.my.goodness. I mean, I missed this little guy a lot while we were gone, but it didn’t hit me just how much until he jumped out of the car and ran right to me. It’s so good to have my little buddy back – all he’s wanted to do all week is sit on my lap regardless of where I am or what I’m doing! Even at my vanity while doing my makeup … that was a bit challenging. 

2. We may or may not be in the process of putting an offer on a home that we found! I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll just leave it at that for now; however, any positive thoughts or crossed fingers would be much appreciated. 
3. While in Vegas, I got to pick out my anniversary present – a new Tiffany & Co. charm for my bracelet! We started this tradition last year on our honeymoon that whenever we go someplace new, I’m allowed to get a charm that symbolizes where we are or what significant event we are celebrating. So far, I have the bracelet, which was my college graduation gift from Ryan; a palm tree, which is from our honeymoon in St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands; and now, a heart charm inscribed with “I love you” for our one-year anniversary! They didn’t have any charms that were Vegas-related, so we went with symbolizing our anniversary instead. 

4. Is anyone else thrilled that all the fall TV shows are back on? Let me tell you – coming home to a packed-full DVR of all the premieres was the best homecoming present ever. I’ve been catching up all week! 
5. I couldn’t help myself and had to include one more picture of me and Finn. I mean, is he a puppy or a human child?! He’s been extra snuggly all week, and I’m not complaining one bit. P.S. – Finn was mid-yawn when Ryan took this. He wasn’t giving me a look of disgust for holding him, just to clear that up. 

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