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Fekkai Blowout Hair Products Review

I have a confession to make.

I’m an avid tester of hair products in the hope that someday, one product will simply blow my mind and turn my fine, straight hair into a luxurious model-worthy mane of volume and texture.

So, when I was selected by Influenster to test out a few products from Fekkai, I was ecstatic. I have heard great things about this brand over the years; however, neither of these products worked wonders for me.

Fekkai Blowout Texturizer // As directed, I applied this gel-like product to my towel-dried hair from my roots to the tips of my hair. From there, I blow-dried my hair as usual – upside down with no nozzle until about 80% dry, then attaching the dryer nozzle to direct the heat onto my round brush. When I was finished, I was expecting my hair to have great texture – hence the product name of texturizer, – but I was left with my same ‘ol hairdo. This product did make my hair extra smooth, which is a bit of a contradiction given what results the product claims to produce.

Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo // There really isn’t much I can say about this product. Beyond the heavenly smell, this dry shampoo does absolutely nothing. I’ve tried a number of dry shampoos in my day, both high-end and drugstore, and my favorite $3 Suave dry shampoo performs better than this stuff. The first time I used it, I only shook it for 10 to 20 seconds before use, and it came out wet and sticky; I had to re-wet my hair to blow dry and re-style my hair! Once I realized that I had to shake it for a good minute or so before applying the product, it still didn’t get any better. No volume or texture was added to my hair, and I even went back in with a different dry shampoo to get the desired effect that I was seeking.

Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing full-size bottles of these products.

Have you ever tried Fekkai hair products? 

Disclaimer: These products were provided to me by Influenster in exchange for an honest review on Miss in the Midwest and Fekkai’s website. As always, all opinions are my own.