11.26.14 32

Give Thanks

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving, all! Is anybody else dreaming about the amount of delicious food they plan to consume tomorrow? I know I am! My mom makes the BEST Thanksgiving meal known to mankind, so we are pretty spoiled that we get to be with my family to celebrate this year.

Since this is the time of year to give thanks and appreciate life’s blessings, I want to take a quick personal moment to highlight a few people and things that I’m most thankful for in my life.

// First and foremost – to my husband, my one and only, I couldn’t do anything that I do without your love, support and commitment. You are my rock, my comedic relief, and the best part-time blog photographer that I know. I am thankful for you today and everyday. I love you!

// To Finley – you’re a dog, so naturally you can’t read this (if you could, we’d have other things to discuss) – you’ve brought so much joy into our lives! Coming home to your wagging tail and falling asleep with you plastered against me brings a guaranteed-dose of happiness, even on the worst of days. 

// To my family – Thank you for your continued love and support. It’s been a blessing to share every high and low moment with you, especially throughout the past couple years, and I’m ridiculously lucky to have my best friends as my family members. And, a special shout out to my mom who, without fail, reads and comments on my blog posts each day, and to my dad who reads my blog daily but doesn’t comment so he doesn’t look like a creepy old man. Thanks to you both!

// To the close friends that know who they are – I miss each of you every day! I guess we never realized how precious our time together was when we all lived within five minutes of each other. Although we now may not see or talk to each other often, I’m thinking of you always!
// Last, but certainly not least – to all of YOU! You guys – my labor of love, this little piece of the Web that I’ve come to occupy would be nothing without your readership, sweet comments, knowledge and suggestions. I never thought this blog would turn into what it is today, and now I can’t imagine my life without it or all of you. Thank you for your continued support and friendship – it means the world to me, and I hope we all can go out for cocktails one day!
Whew, okay – on the tail-end of that emotional declaration, I am going to take the next couple days off to enjoy the holiday and the official start of the holiday season. I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and I’ll talk to you Monday! Cheers!