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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!

I hope everybody is welcoming the weekend with open arms just like me. Temperatures are supposed to be back up in the 40s – can we say heat wave? – so at least I won’t freeze each time I step outside the front door.

We are kicking off the weekend tonight with Friday Night Fish Fry with my brother and then continuing on with attempting to get a majority of our packing done. Ryan is home for the whole weekend, so I need to take advantage of having an extra set of hands and strength around to lift and carry boxes from room to room. Hopefully we also will get out to the movies – there seems to be a lot of good ones out right now. Any suggestions?

Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend! Here’s a quick recap of the week. (Sorry for the lack of photos this week – it was a busy one!)

1. Have I mentioned that we are moving into our new home in two weeks? *happy dance*

2. Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been binge-watching Once Upon a Time for the past week. Oh. em. gee. I can’t believe I didn’t start watching this show from the beginning! I’m officially obsessed and really can’t get enough. I’m only a few episodes into season 2, so I have a ways to go until I can catch up to the current season that’s airing on TV.

3. So, I made my first chocolate chip cookie in a mug the other night. Holy moly – those things are like a single-serving of heaven. If my waistline would allow me to make them on a daily basis, you can bet that I would.

4. I am nearly done with our Christmas shopping, and I LOVE it. I’m not wrapping anything until we get into the new house, but I’m much more relaxed knowing that I now can take my time with wrapping without running around like a banshee buying last-minute gifts. Has anybody else gotten a jump start on their holiday shopping this year, or am I just nuts?

5. Ryan caught this adorable candid moment between Finn and I earlier this week while I was prepping to take photos for a blog post. (I’m not obsessed with my dog or anything … ha!). This is absolutely going in a frame and on my desk in the new house.

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