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Only Pick One – Scents

Happy Monday, all!

I’m kicking off this short holiday week with the final installment of the Only Pick One series – my favorite scents. Just as a refresher, all products mentioned throughout this series are either items that I continue to repurchase time and time again OR products that I am madly in love with and can’t imagine moving on in life without them. That’s what I call commitment.

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Body Wash // Nivea Touch of Cashmere 
Nivea is one of my favorite skin care brands from the drugstore because all their products are ridiculously moisturizing. I started using this particular scent last year and just fell in love. Although it is a richer, musky floral scent for fall/winter, I typically use this year-round since I just can’t help myself.

Lotion // Bath and Body Works Amber Blush
I first received a lotion in this scent for Christmas one year from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works. It’s your typical “girl” scent – I tend to skip perfume when I lather this on since it already has a strong perfume-like scent to it. This formula of lotion also can help the driest of skin.

Perfume // Clinique Happy Heart
I believe that every woman needs a signature scent, and this most definitely is mine. This was one of the first perfumes I ever wore as an adolescent, and it has stayed with me long into my adult years. It’s light, fresh and feminine – I imagine if Elle Woods was a real person that she would wear this perfume daily. There’s rarely a time when I don’t have a bottle of this on my vanity.

Body Mist // Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir
I originally bought this last year before my honeymoon as something to quickly spray on after days on the beach, and it quickly became my lazy-day replacement to perfume. It’s a rich, darker scent alternative to most fruity body mists. Ryan compliments me whenever I wear this!

Travel Roller Ball // American Eagle Vintage
Roller ball perfumes are fantastic to travel with, and most perfume brands make a roller ball version of their most popular perfumes, so it’s pretty easy to find one of your favorites to take with on a trip. Although I don’t use this scent year-round, it’s my absolute must-have for the colder months. It’s like the scent of American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie stores mixed and bottled up together, which easily can carry you from day to night. I’m hoping to receive a full-size bottle for Christmas!

That concludes the Only Pick One series, folks! I want to give a big thanks to Mia for coming up with the idea for this series and invite all of you to join in on the fun – I’d love to see your only pick one picks!