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Share the Love: Positivity Project

As we get ready to enter 2015 at midnight tonight, I thought it no better time than to bring the Positivity Project to the blog.

Last month, Amanda wrote an incredible post on how we, as women, need to shift our sometimes negative perceptions and connotations toward ourselves into ones of positive self-image and worth (check out her original post). Then, just a few weeks ago, my dear blogging friend Nadia also brought this post to her blog and gave little ‘ol me one of the nicest compliments/shout-outs that I’ve ever received. If I wasn’t motivated already to write this post before the end of the year, Nadia’s post reminded me that it’s also important to pay-it-forward.

On that note, let’s jump into the questions.

1. Tell me something that you love about yourself.
Assuming that this question is related to a physical feature, I would have to say my smile. When I was in 8th grade, I got hit in the mouth with a softball (less than a year after I got my braces off, go figure), and I was scared that my two front teeth would never look the same again. Luckily, two root canals, one root canal therapy procedure, internal bleaching, and cosmetic bonding later, my teeth probably look better than they did on their own. 

2. Tell me what you want to work on.
Not being so hard on myself. This one is much easier said than done – I’ve been hardest on myself and my own worst critic since I was a little girl – but I know that needs to change. I sometimes cause myself so much unnecessary anxiety and stress over the smallest of things, whether it be the pressure to get a blog post done or struggling to put together an outfit. Although I may continue to strive for perfection, I am far from perfect and I probably never will achieve perfection in every little thing that I do. As Elsa would say, I need to just “let it go.”

3. Give someone a compliment, and mean it.
Katie – as one of my first blogger friends in this community, your blog continues to be a daily must-read for me! I have enjoyed getting to know you the past year, and I sincerely hope that one of these days we can get together for cocktails and a Brady/Finley play date! If you don’t already follow Katie, you need to! She shares a variety of content, including fashion and beauty picks, travel guides, recipes, and most recently, all of her new home renovations and decor! Some of my favorite posts are Katie’s recipe for chocolate pie, her and her husband’s anniversary trip to Charleston, and inspiration for the most girly room in her house.

4. Tell me something that you are proud of, succeeded in, or are just generally pumped about.
Without getting too specific or personal, I’m generally just proud of how I’ve handled several big changes throughout the past year. I’ve sacrificed a lot – my career in communications, moving three times and living in four different locations – to get Ryan to where he currently is in his career, and I finally have come to terms and found peace with it all. This isn’t necessarily where I thought I would be in my life at 25, but with the sacrifices also have come a whole pile of gains that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I also can’t express my gratitude to all of you that have joined me on my blogging journey this year! This little space of mine has evolved into something more than I ever thought it would be, and that’s because of all of you – your comments, suggestions and general support are why this community is amazing to be a part of and why I continue to do what I do.

There’s a lot in store for 2015, and I already believe that it’s going to be a great year. I raise my champagne glass in cheers to all of you – here’s to a happy, healthy, positive and confident year ahead!