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High Five for Friday

 Hello, Friday. Am I GLAD to see you.
This was not the best of weeks around here – not for any explainable reason, but it was just one of those weeks, you know? On the upside, it’s Ryan’s weekend off work so we plan to take advantage and get out and have some fun.
Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you have a good one! Here’s a quick recap of the better highlights of the week. 

1. The first round of edits on my new blog design are underway! Bethany is doing a fantastic job bringing my vision to life. I’m hoping it will be live in the next few weeks. 
2. I had a pretty solid couple days on Twitter at the beginning of the week. Between Ross Matthews and Bachelor Chris Soules liking my tweets during their respective shows, I had a good laugh that they even saw what I wrote. (My tweet to Chris was in response to crazy Ashley’s question of “What are you?” during Monday night’s show). 

3. As you’ve probably come to realize, I am not a football fan. However, I am strangely excited for Super Bowl Sunday. I always enjoy the opportunity to make a meal out of appetizers, and I think Katy Perry is going to nail it at halftime. 
4. Although Finn doesn’t enjoy rain, he absolutely loves the snow. He will go out in the yard and just stare into the woods while the snow falls – I’d love to know what he’s thinking about. 🙂

5. My Finny also makes the ultimate snow day snuggle companion. Even on the worst of days, this dog sure knows how to make me smile.

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