1.8.15 28

Things That Thrill Me

Happy Thursday, all!

As you can see, Things That Thrill Me Thursday has gotten a makeover! I’m thrilled with the new look and format as I believe it is more straightforward and easy for all of you to navigate. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1. Great tips on how to make your cubicle or office suck less.

2. The easiest and most delicious fruit dip that I’ve ever seen. 

3. A pretty way to decorate a bedroom for winter.

4. The cutest ornament that will be purchased for Finley next Christmas.

5. This outfit that further fuels my obsession with winter pastels.

6. A recipe for banana blueberry bread – yes, please!

7. An online calligraphy class that I hope to participate in this year.

8. Hair color inspiration for my next hair appointment.

9. A DIY project to raise the height of our pesky front-loaders.