Keeping Warm with The Craft Shelf

One of the best parts of blogging is networking with other bloggers and small business owners. I’ve always been in awe of how we support each other and do what we can to help promote our blogs and businesses.

David and Timothy Montequin contacted me a while ago to help get the word out about their Etsy shop, The Craft Shelf. Based in Dallas, Texas, these twin brothers create handmade apparel and accessories, as well as items for the home. I was lucky enough to be sent three of their cozy, handmade scarves – my favorite accessory!

I’ve been wearing these scarves nonstop since I received them – they bring a much-needed warmth factor to any outfit, while the fact that they are handmade brings an air of charm and character. These boys are talented and have mad sewing and crocheting skills, and I hope to see their Etsy shop go far!

I’ve partnered with The Craft Shelf to give away a scarf of your choice to two lucky winners! The giveaway runs through Sunday, March 1. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I was sent products from The Craft Shelf in exchange for a review and to host a giveaway. As always, all opinions are my own.

  • So cute!! Definitely an infinity scarf! I love the middle blue one you're wearing!

  • Pamela

    Those chunky scarves are so perfect! Love them!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  • Biana Perez

    These look gorgeous on you girl!! I love the pink one! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • I love that middle one! Such a unique color.

  • Iā€™m so impressed that two guys made those scarves! The bright coral one is so pretty and I love the chunky knit!

  • Love that this was started by two men! These scarves look PERFECT for the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing lately. And I love that coral one as a reminder that spring is (hopefully) on the way!

  • I'm right there with you, a scarf if my favorite accessory in the winter!! I absolutely love that pink one you're wearing!

  • I love scarves, the are my favorite!!!

  • I 100% agree with what Katie said!! I love the last one, I would be wearing that all of the time. Sometimes when I can't decide on a necklace, I just put on a scarf. We also always have a ton of cute scarves where I work. šŸ™‚ Hope that you are having a good day so far!

  • Debra Stachelski

    I know you love a good scarf, and these are so cute! How fun that these are being created by twin brothers!

  • Stephanie Page

    I love the middle scarf! Such a cute color!

  • They look great, I just wish we didn't still need scarfs right about now!!

  • I love the hot pink infinity scarf! What a cute company!

  • Jessi Otey

    You are so cute and LOVING the hair. I always love to explore a new Etsy shop!!

  • Mia- MakeMeUpMia

    Love them all, that blue green one is so pretty!! And loving your hair šŸ™‚

  • These are all so cute- I think the blue one in the middle is my favorite, I love the larger stitch!

  • I'm in love with the burgundy scarf, it looks so cozy and I've been wearing that colour non stop recently! The coral looks amazing on you!

  • megan

    my fav is the pink infinity scarf!

  • Those are so cute! I always need new scarves. That pink is a fun color and I love the chunky, dusty blue one too. Great giveaway girl!

  • Dagmar Moretti

    Infinity Scarf Women's Scarf Women's Infinity Scarf, this one is too cute!!

  • Maya McDonald

    Awwwww! Look at your gorgeous new blog design! I've clearly been MIA, but I LOVE it! This scarf is adorable – love the blue one! xx

  • Nichole

    Scarves are the absolute best accessory!!!! Each of those 3 is cute! I think the middle is my absolute favorite:)

  • Erin Murphy

    I love the pink infinity scarf!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Stacy

    They are all so cute! I love the Pink Infinity scarf!

  • LOVE these scarves. They seem perfect for Chicago winters! Thanks for sharing! xo

  • Thank you! The mint blue one is my favorite, too!

  • Thanks, girl – the guys behind the shop are really talented!

  • Thanks, lady! I'm looking forward to wearing that pink one more as it warms up.

  • I agree with you!

  • Right?! I couldn't believe it either!

  • I'm right there with you! I've been wearing the chunky mint blue one with my winter coat because it's so warm – I can use all the extra help I can get at the moment!

  • Thanks, girl! The color reminds me that spring hopefully is upon us. šŸ™‚

  • Me too!

  • I'm the exact same way – when all else fails, I just throw on a scarf. It's the easiest way to finish putting an outfit together.

  • I agree – it was a fun collaboration!

  • Thanks, Stephanie, I agree!

  • Right?! I'm wishing the same thing!

  • They are a great couple kids, I was happy to work with them as they get their business started.

  • Awe, thanks friend! I stuck with the balayage color at my appointment, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the dark roots with a platinum blonde bun. But, it seems to work. šŸ™‚

  • That's my favorite, too. Thanks, girlie!

  • It really is such a unique and special relationship that we all have! You're too sweet about my hair – it wasn't cooperating when we took these photos, so it took me a LONG time to get it to look semi-okay in the front. I did a tutorial a while back on how I do this (I think I called it the Messy Bun Tutorial?), but I think I'm due to update it since my hair is much longer now.

  • I agree with you – it's so cozy!

  • Thanks, lady! I can't wait to wear the pink/coral one more into the spring when I hopefully start to get a little sun. I actually thought of you when I saw the plum/burgundy scarf – I know you love that color!

  • That's a great pick!

  • Those also are my favorite – the pink one is such a unique fabric and texture. It's very lightweight, so it will be perfect for springtime. Thanks, girl!

  • There are many great ones to choose from!

  • Thanks, Maya! Your feedback and words mean the world to me. šŸ™‚

  • I'm with you! I've been wearing that one nonstop because it's so cozy and keeps me warm!

  • Good luck!

  • That seems to be a popular choice!

  • Yes, they are perfect for our Midwest winters – I love them! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jen Deis

    I love that gray scarf!

  • manda

    ThePolka-dot one

  • Stacy

    Ahh! Thanks so much Karly! I'm so excited to get my new scarf from The Craft Shelf!

  • Congratulations! Be sure to check your email – I sent you a message yesterday outlining instructions on how to claim your prize. Enjoy!

  • I love how the blogging community and small businesses work together. It's such a unique relationship! Also, can you puhleese do a hair tutorial on that bun? It's perfection!