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Things That Thrill Me

One of my favorite bloggers Alissa wrote a great post this week about how our work as bloggers does mean something and in return, we should be compensated appropriately by brands.

A recent feature that I wrote for The Wedding Party highlights eight unique destination wedding locations – since I’m already married, now I want to plan a vacation to one of these spots!

It never occurred to me that we could build around our existing stair banister to give it a modern update.

I received the Veggetti as a birthday gift (Thanks, Ashley for the recommendation!), so now I’m excited to try recipes like this one to see what all the fuss is about. 

Confession: I still have a winter wreath hanging on our front door.
In my defense, there is still snow on the ground so I don’t feel like a
total loser. This DIY wreath would be a welcome refresh for when spring decides to arrive.

So, I’m not exactly crazy about my latest hair color. I loved it for maybe a day, but now I realize that the blonde is too blonde and too much on the yellow, gold side for my taste and preference. Alas, I’m already pulling photos for when I go again in a couple months. Jennifer Aniston always has been my go-to inspiration for hair, and this photo is right up my alley.

Rugs, regardless of their size, can be pretty dang expensive. Emily rounded up some of her best picks for rugs under $300, and now I can’t wait to have the new flooring installed on the first floor so I can pick up a couple of these!

Everybody needs to stop what they’re doing and look at these gorgeous photos of Lily James from the Cinderella premiere. She truly looks like a fairy tale come true – I can’t get enough of that dress, and her hair/makeup is styled to perfection.

I always look forward to a refreshing fuzzy navel wine cooler in the summer, so if this smoothie recipe tastes the same as that (sans alcohol), I know I will be making this nearly every day.