3.26.15 38

Things That Thrill Me

I made these delicious beer cheese chicken pretzel sliders last weekend, and it definitely will be a repeat recipe throughout the summer.

Carly shared her favorite picks for blue and green nail polish shades for spring this week, which led me to pick up Essie’s Find Me An Oasis that same day.

The 2015 Summerfest grounds stage headliners
were announced Tuesday, and I am thrilled with the artists that will be
making an appearance this year. Here’s to hoping that Ryan and I can make it
down to the city to catch a few shows!

This post from Helene about why she follows certain Instagram accounts was a great read and provided useful tips and insight on how to make your account stand out from others.

You all are aware of my infinite love for funfetti cake, and I’ve
always wanted to try my hand at making my own. This recipe not only
looks doable, but the cake is just so darn cute to look at!

I stumbled upon this quote in my Pinterest feed earlier this week, and it has stuck with me ever since. So much truth in such a simple statement.

You really never can have too many watches – seriously, there’s a type and color for every occasion – and I think The Horse watch from Parc Boutique would be the perfect addition to my (extensive) collection.

I recently came across Little Miss Fearless, and I am hooked. Amanda’s style is flawless, and I’m kind of obsessed with her haircut.

Buffalo, ranch AND shrimp all in one salad?! Sign me up.