7.2.15 20

Things That Thrill Me

Forget the fact that this bedroom is meant for a little girl – I wish it was my bedroom!

After seeing Julia’s perfectly-styled city biking outfit,
I immediately ordered the shorts so I can recreate the outfit myself.
The best part? The shorts currently are on sale for only $19!

Is it just me, or is toast one of those foods that you literally can put anything on it and it will taste good? This garlic mushroom toast recipe sounds mighty delicious right about now.

Did you all catch Nadia’s New York wedding guest outfit? If not, head over there immediately – it’s sure to make you green with envy.

I’m very much into taking popular salad recipes and turning them into sandwiches or wraps for a bit of extra substance – these grilled chicken caesar sandwiches definitely will be on the menu before summer is over.

Project black front door is currently underway, and I’m using this curtain inspiration to add some privacy to our sidelights.

Either I’m craving comfort food or my tastes are changing because this pasta with peas, ham and red bell peppers would never have seemed appealing to me, but now I want to eat a whole bowl!

My laundry room is nowhere near the size of this newly-renovated one, but I’m excited to incorporate some of the same colors and decor ideas into my own space.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, bridesmaid or wedding guest this summer, you cannot go wrong with a gorgeous, loose tousled updo.