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Trendsend by Evereve | My First Box & Thoughts

I’ve always been intrigued by subscription boxes, especially ones that involve clothes and accessories, but I never took the plunge in trying one.

That is until recently when I saw Kate from The Small Things Blog post a review and photos of her first box from Trendsend by Evereve. I’ve heard of the brand before since they have a store back in my hometown, and even though they state that their clothing is more geared toward moms, I thought some of the clothing was pretty cute and stylish for someone who is my age and isn’t living the mommy lifestyle quite yet.

Unlike other subscription boxes that I’ve researched in the past, Trendsend doesn’t have a styling fee and your credit card isn’t charged for the items that you keep until you either leave feedback with your stylist that you’re keeping all the items or when you send back the items that you don’t want to keep. That plus free shipping both ways was basically incentive enough for me to give this box a whirl.

My box arrived last Tuesday afternoon, and I was so excited to receive it that I opened it and tried everything on right away. I wanted to keep it real with crappy-quality iPhone photos, lack of a decent full-size mirror, and messy master bedroom in the background.

The first items I came across in the box were this necklace and this reversible infinity scarf. The scarf is the only item from the box that I’m keeping – I absolutely am in love with it. I will get a ton of use out of it during the fall and winter months, and I love that I can wear it on the plaid or herringbone side. The necklace is okay, but for $28 I didn’t find it worth keeping.

Next, I tried on this black and white printed maxi. While the print was pretty cute, all I could think was “Hello, over-sized garbage bag!” If I was eight months pregnant, this might have worked. I do appreciate, though that my stylist read my note about wanting to see an option for our upcoming Puerto Rico trip.

Now onto the more casual, everyday stuff. This pair of skinny jeans by Kut From the Kloth seriously felt like buttah when I put them on. They were silky smooth and looked super flattering on my lower half; sadly, there were just a size too big given how much stretch they had to them.

I was pretty excited to try on this striped button down since I typically can’t resist stripes, but sheesh – talk about a boxy, unflattering cut. It had a longer hem in the back, which would make it great for wearing with leggings, but that definitely doesn’t fix the cut in the front. It’s possible a size down would’ve worked better, but for $98, I’ll move on.

Okay, now for the real doozies starting with this shoulder cut-out top. What is there to even say? I put in my style profile that I like casual, but classic and sophisticated clothing – how in the world does this top reflect that?!

Same with this graphic tank. I mean, it’s cute, but maybe for a workout shirt. Who in the world would spend $58 on this? Or better question, if Evereve’s target audience is mothers, what mother out there is wearing this?! Not trying to offend any mothers out there if you are wearing this. Needless to say, I basically was laughing when I saw these last two tops in the box since they are SO not me or my style.

So, with the exception of the infinity scarf, I think the joke was on me with this box!

I have heard that it takes a few tries with any clothing subscription box for your stylist to get to know you and your style, but it worries me that with the first box alone pretty much nothing aligned with what I put in my style profile.

I’m not sure if I’ll try another Trendsend box anytime soon, but it was a fun one-time experiment!

Have you tried any clothing subscription box services? I’m thinking of trying Stitchfix and would love to hear your thoughts!