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Friday Five | Free iPhone Wallpapers for Spring

If you’re anything like me – and given the time that we live in, I’m going to assume you are on this one – then, your phone is glued to your hand at practically all times. It’s not exactly a habit that I’m proud of, but hey, such is life.

Since my phone is my most-used and most-popular accessory, I want it to look pretty just like I would a piece of jewelry or a purse. The easiest way to do so? Update the wallpapers, of course.

five free iPhone wallpapers for spring

I typically update both my lock and home screens seasonally, if not more (sometimes once a month). With Pinterest and a simple Google search, it’s so easy to find cute and stylish wallpapers for absolutely free – gotta love this Internet thing! I either save them to my Pinterest tech board, and I also have a folder on my computer for easy access and reference – I try not to keep the images stored in my Photo Library once I’ve uploaded them as my wallpaper(s) since I’m  one of those people always struggling for storage space on my phone.

So, if your phone needs a little refresh, I’ve rounded up my current five favorite FREE iPhone wallpapers for spring! All of these wallpapers can be adjusted to fit the screen of any smartphone, not just iPhones.

five free iphone wallpapers for spring

Hello Spring | Cactus with Calendar | Pink Flowers | Don’t Forget to Be Awesome | Strawberries

In other news, it’s shaping up to be a quiet weekend around here. It was go go go all this week, but Ryan and I were able to sneak away yesterday afternoon for a much-needed date. We headed to the movie theater to check out the new Captain America movie – it was entertaining, if you’re into those types of movies. I have been battling a bit of a head cold all week, so being lazy around the house with a good book sounds like a solid weekend plan to me. I finally have Me Before You and After You from the library, so I’m looking forward to diving into those reads.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

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