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7 Summer Totes for Less Than $60

Now that summer is upon us, and for some, already has arrived, a lot of us have upcoming travels in our schedules. Whether it be a long-term vacation or just a day at the local beach, a tote bag is a must-have accessory to ensure that you have all the essentials for your activity and/or destination. I’ve rounded up seven of my favorite summer totes, and all are less than $60!

7 Summer Totes for Less Than $60

7 Summer Totes for Less Than $60
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When I’m in the market for a tote bag, my biggest (quite literally) criteria is that it’s big and sturdy. The whole point of carrying around a tote bag is to feel like Mary Poppins for the day – I want to be able to pack everything and anything that I, Ryan, Finn or anybody else that is with us might need. Especially if we are just going on a day adventure and I know that I won’t have to carry it the whole day, might as well pack it full and not worry about the weight.

I obviously also have a specific aesthetic that I’m going for – neutral (shocking for me, I know), stripes (again, another shocker) and tassels. I admit that I haven’t jumped on the tassel trend with clothing, but I definitely can get behind it with bags and accessories. I mean, how cute and chic is this tote from Target? Even though it is a neutral bag, the tassel key chain makes it pop and gives it a fun accent. It’s also a bonus if the tote bag can double as my purse so I can just throw in a small clutch with my ID, money, etc., instead of carrying a whole separate bag. All of these fit that bill for me, with the exception of this shopper from H&M – I probably would stick to the beach or lake with that bag because the quote makes it perfect for that.

I’m thinking the Target tote and the Gap girlfriend tote (also check out the embroidered version – LOVE!) are going to be my bag purchases for the season, and I’ll be all set. Both will serve the functionality that I’m looking for, and then I can trade off based on where we’re going and what type of style will fit my needs.

Where do you look for a new summer tote? Any styles that you have your eye on this summer?