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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

It’s finally here – our modern farmhouse kitchen reveal! First, I have a confession. We still are waiting for replacement doors and drawers, and this space is far from decor perfection. But, you know what? If I kept waiting to share the space until I felt that it was picture-perfect (which, let’s face it, probably never will be), then you’d never see it! I am so proud of what we started with and where we are now. Our vision and plans came to life, so what could be better?

For one last time, we of course have to pay respects to what the kitchen once was. Oh, you sad 90s-style oak cabinets and laminate counter tops. I really don’t miss you. Like, at all.

kitchen renovation before

I much prefer our new and improved, modern farmhouse kitchen! Note: A thunderstorm crept up right as we started shooting these photos, so forgive the lighting. We also had to use our horrible kit lens because the 50mm can’t capture enough of the room aka I need to invest in a 35mm lens stat.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Revealmodern-farmhouse-kitchen-reveal-9

Poor Finn was afraid of the thunderstorm, so he kept jumping up on me to be held like a baby. I guess he just wanted to show his love for the kitchen, too!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Revealmodern-farmhouse-kitchen-reveal-5The farmhouse sink is still the showstopper of the space. I thought the novelty would’ve wore off by now, but nope. I still smile at it almost every day because I can’t believe I finally have something that I always wanted. It’s the best feeling! Not to mention that soaking large pans is now a breeze.

Oh, and that distressed Farmhouse sign? I made that. Yes, me who is craft-challenged. Now that I’ve made one and know how easy and inexpensive it is, I get a good laugh of what Etsy shops charge for those. Trust me – if you want one of these signs, you can make it yourself no matter your level of expertise. I followed this tutorial, and it was a piece of cake.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Revealmodern-farmhouse-kitchen-reveal-10modern-farmhouse-kitchen-reveal-7

I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but it’s so nice to have a normal-size pantry – finally! Since Ryan and I have lived together and been married, we’ve never had a “real” pantry. We converted coat closets in our rentals into pantries with free-standing shelving units. And, in our rental house, we had a similar pantry to what used to be in here, but it was even smaller. Now, in addition to food storage, we also have extra storage for small appliances and other items or utensils that we don’t want to store in the actual kitchen cabinets. Everything is within an arm’s reach, and I don’t have to go into the basement to find a serving platter or the slow cooker. That’s what I like to call #winning.

The floating shelves will continue to be a work in-progress. It will be fun to change up the decor with the seasons, so rarely will they look the same for too long. It was hard for me not to put up a third shelf – everything looks better in odd numbers – but our ceilings just aren’t high enough. I think we get away with it, though and two looks like the perfect number for the space.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen RevealModern Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

So, there it is – our modern farmhouse kitchen reveal. I hope that you love it as much as we do! Most of the decor I already had or came from TJMaxx/Home Goods, so I didn’t think it would be useful to put together a source list. If you have questions about anything specific, don’t hesitate to ask!