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Modern Farmhouse Sitting Room Design

Does anybody else seem to change their mind about home design and decor, even when you think you have it all figured out? That’s exactly how I feel with our front sitting room. Back in May, I wrote and shared a whole post about my design inspiration for the space. Well, low and behold several months later, my tune has completely changed. So, I’m sharing my updated modern farmhouse sitting room design – and, you can hold me accountable to this one!

Modern Farmhouse Sitting Room Design

loveseat | tufted chair (comes in 3 colors – we bought Sand) | rug (here’s a similar option from the Threshold brand) | coffee table | lamp | bamboo shades

As I mentioned in this post, my biggest concern with these types of rooms is the sense of formality. We are not very formal people, and I want people to feel welcome and comfortable in our home. This is why I originally thought a layout of all chairs would be better and a little less traditional. However, since this room also connects to our dining room, I got to thinking that a grouping of chairs might seem like too much with the dining table and chairs only a few feet away. So, we went back to brainstorming and settled back on a traditional layout of a loveseat with two accent chairs. I should know better by now that sticking with a classic design is better in the long run!

We already have purchased two of this tufted chair, and we will head to IKEA in a couple weeks to pick up the loveseat. I looked long and hard at furniture before making a decision, and I think both these pieces complement one another. They also stick to my modern farmhouse aesthetic. I’m slightly nervous about the white slip-covered loveseat, but all the reviews claim that it’s easy peasy to wash the cover. So, we’re going for it!

We found this rug over the weekend – it was exactly what I wanted at more than half the cost of ones that I saw online. Target for the win, as always. Now, I’m on the hunt for a coffee table and matching side table. The one I included here is what I love, but unfortunately it is too long for our space. I do want to stick with the natural wood look, though. Any suggestions?

In addition to getting this room furnished and decorated, we also are in the midst of renovating our downstairs half bathroom! I wasn’t kidding when I said that we don’t sit still for long around here. We don’t have much more to do in there, so be on the lookout for new room reveals in the coming weeks!