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Why Perfume is My Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I got to thinking over the weekend what my favorite memory is from the holiday. Ryan and I are not ones to go all out on the day of love. We always exchange cards and maybe a few sweets, but otherwise we don’t need a specific day to be reminded of how much we love each other (so cliche, I know). But, I did remind myself of a small surprise and gesture that Ryan made a few years ago, which is why perfume is my favorite Valentine’s Day gift to this day.

Why Perfume is My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift
Back in February 2015, Ryan and I had just bought and moved into our house two months prior. Because of all our new home expenses and with Christmas just come and gone, we agreed to keep Valentine’s Day really low key. Of course, we would do our traditional card exchange but that was about it.

So, on Valentine’s Day morning, we were enjoying coffee in bed and snuggles with Finn. I pulled out my card for Ryan from my nightstand, along with a little bag of Ghiradelli chocolates. Okay, so I cheated – sweets don’t count as a gift, right? Anyways, after opening my card and thanking me, Ryan mirrored my same actions from minutes before. Except, not only did he hand me a card, he also placed a small wrapped box in my lap. When I unwrapped the package, I was excited to see that it was a perfume I wanted – Vintage by American Eagle. It was something that I probably had mentioned in passing and made him smell a few times in the store, but I never really “asked” for it. The gift was unexpected, and I honestly was overwhelmed at the thought and sentiment that Ryan put into it. It meant so much to me that he treated me to something that I probably would never buy for myself. Not to mention that he proved that guys do pay attention and can pick up subtle hints or cues when you like something. 😉

And, that’s why perfume is my favorite Valentine’s Day gift! Now, don’t kid yourself – Ryan definitely doesn’t make a habit of this. That’s perfectly okay by me because then it wouldn’t be as meaningful when he does. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself to a new perfume, right?

Etsy Bloom and Fleur Blend No. 209
I recently worked with Vanessa, the owner of Etsy shop Bloom and Fleur. YOU GUYS. Her perfume smells so. stinkin’. delicious. And, it’s affordable at only $29 a bottle. Vanessa sent me Blend No. 209, and it has quickly become my (and Ryan’s!) new favorite scent. The perfume is a blend of vanilla, white amber, musk and sandalwood. It’s a rich and warm scent perfect for this in between time of the seasons. And, how adorable is her packaging? Not only am I prepared to make a future order for myself, I also plan to gift a bottle of this perfume to all the women in my life. It’s that good.

If you’re a fan of new Etsy shops, be sure to check out Bloom and Fleur. Vanessa even is offering 25% off any perfume through the end of February exclusively to Miss in the Midwest readers! Simply use code MIDWEST at checkout.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to give or receive?

Disclaimer | I received a bottle of perfume in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are honest and 100% my own. And, seriously – this perfume is incredible.