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My Go-To Casual Spring Outfit

Happy, happy Monday! Wisconsin finally got the memo about spring this weekend, and we had two glorious days of 60-degree temps and sunshine. That meant a lot of outdoor time and walks for my Finny boy – he was just the happiest pup! Anyways, I wanted to hop on quick today to share my go-to casual spring outfit. It’s the ideal outfit for the in between weather so you’re cool during the day and warm at night.

My Go-To Casual Spring Outfit
If you follow me on Instagram, then it’s likely that you’ve seen this look a time or two (or ten). No joke – I probably wear this outfit at least twice a week. It’s just so easy, and I love when I don’t have to think too hard about putting together an outfit. This look is my idea of comfort when I’m working from home, but I still feel put together for a coffee date or to run errands.

The best part is that I constantly mix and match the main elements of this outfit to get similar but different-enough looks. I love this anorak jacket so much that I bought it in both navy and olive green. Either color goes with practically anything. And, while striped tees are typically my main choice, I’ll occasionally throw on a graphic tee for a fun pop under the jacket.

High waist jeans my new jam. I. Am. Obsessed. Not having to pull up my waistband every .25 seconds is a godsend. I wasn’t sure I could pull them off, but I think they work since I have a longer torso. (Or, if they don’t look right on me, please tell me so my obsession can end here). Old Navy’s Rockstar built-in sculpt high waist jeans are SO good. No sagging or losing their shape as the day goes on. I stuck with my regular size 6, which fits perfectly, so I’d say they’re true-to-size.

Nine times out of 10 these days, you also can find me in a simple pair of sneakers. I never, ever thought I’d be one to wear sneakers with jeans or any outfit for that matter, but who can deny when comfort meets style? Obviously, not me.

navy anorak jacket with striped tee
My go-to casual spring outfit feels ridiculously #basic, but I love what I love! 😉 You can shop the whole look below, as well as a few similar pieces that I adore.

What’s your go-to casual spring outfit?