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3 Lessons in Beauty from My Mom

With Mother’s Day only a little more than a week away, it’s easy to say that I have my mom on the brain. I mean, I can’t really get away from her since we talk daily (just kidding, mom! 😉 ). But, I always get nostalgic around this time for the days when I lived at home or she was close by so I could get her in-person help and advice on anything and everything. What my mom may not realize is that throughout those years, she instilled in me a few important tips on beauty that I try to practice every day. And, that’s what I’m sharing today – 3 lessons in beauty from my mom.

3 Lessons in Beauty From My Mom

Less is always more.

I’m not really sure where my love of makeup came from because my mom is admittedly not much into it. She always let me wear makeup from a young age, however, since I battled acne. Her only rule was that less is always more. No heavy foundation or Instagram-style (before Instagram even existed!) smokey eyes for school. I even followed this rule when it came time to do my makeup for school dances or special occasions, and it’s so nice to look back at those pictures now and see a youthful version of me instead of a girl trying too hard to look older. And, with my recent break from makeup I’m finding that the less is more theory is better for my skin, too. I never thought I’d still be practicing a Mom-approved concept all these years later!

There’s no such thing as too much perfume …

… And, if anybody tries to tell you differently, tell them my mom said they’re wrong! My mom always has had quite the perfume collection – a scent for nearly any occasion and every season. She has her favorites, but she has no issue testing and adding new scents to her collection. From as young as I can remember, I’d always sneak into her bedroom and steal a spray or two from her newest bottle. Heck, I still do when I visit! I’m slowly following in her footsteps when it comes to my own collection (Ryan would agree! 😉 )

Remember when I professed my love for the Etsy shop Bloom and Fleur a few months back? (See why perfume is my favorite gift in this post). With Mother’s Day in a couple weeks, I knew that I wanted to gift my mom one of Vanessa’s perfumes. I decided on No. 412, a blend of honeysuckle and gardenia, which is the perfect scent for this time of year. Seriously, it’s flowery goodness. And, how cute is the yellow packaging and ribbon detail for spring? I almost hate to wrap it since it speaks for itself! If you also are in the market for a Mother’s Day gift, Vanessa was kind enough to collaborate with me again to offer free shipping through the entire month of May! Just use code MOM17 at checkout.

Bloom and Fleur on Etsy No. 412 blend

True beauty lies on the inside.

I’m sure all moms/parents teach this to some extent, and my mom is no different. Especially now as I battle body image issues, I try to remind myself that my mom first and foremost raised me to be beautiful on the inside. Without a good heart, strong will and sense of compassion toward others, outward appearances are pointless. Beauty and looks can (and probably will) fade, but personality and inner qualities last a lifetime. My mom is the whole package, and I strive to be more like her every single day.

These 3 lessons in beauty from my mom are not groundbreaking by any means, but it’s those simple words of wisdom that seem to be the most effective. I’ve carried these lessons with me throughout all my teenage and early adult years, and I only hope that one day I can pass them on to my own children!

What are the best beauty lessons that you’ve learned from your mom and/or women in your life?

Thanks to Vanessa of Bloom and Fleur for collaborating with me on this post! I did receive a bottle of perfume in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are honest and 100% my own. Don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping all May with code MOM17 at checkout.