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I Still Choose Happy

Around this time last year, I proclaimed to the blogging world that I choose happy. If you are new around here or don’t remember the post, go check it out! It was one of my first really personal posts and one that I’m still proud of. And, guess what? A year later, I still choose happy!

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I have to laugh to myself a little bit about the timing of the original post, today’s post, and my recent chat about battling negative body image. May for whatever reason never seems to be my month!

I’ll be the first to admit that my mission to choose happy has been tested as of late. Ryan and I have been apart a lot lately, I’m working on my self-image, and insignificant daily annoyances and inconveniences have been bringing me down. It always seems to be the little things that add up and get to me the most.

But, because of the strides that I’ve made in the last year since I wrote that first post I do make the conscious effort to find a silver lining in every day. I’m not saying that I’m happy all day, every day – who is? If you are, then you’re a superhuman and you belong on Krypton with Superman. Rather, I try to change my attitude or perspective on what’s bothering me. Like with Ryan being gone a lot, at least we have the opportunity to miss each other. That ultimately leads to a greater appreciation of one another and our marriage when we are together. My body image issues? This is a major work in progress, but now I always say a positive affirmation to myself in the mirror when I’m finished getting dressed. This puts me in the right mindset for the day to feel good and be happy.

I Still Choose Happy
It’s definitely a challenge to get yourself and your mind to turn negative to positive, but the benefits are worth it. And, I urge you to give it a go! If I still choose happy a year later, I know that you certainly can too. Just know that if you’re going through a difficult time or are simply experiencing a bad day, there is so much goodness that surrounds you. You just have to take the time to find your happiness!

Do you choose happy? What do you do to find the good in every day?

photos by Kim Kedinger Photography